What is pronoia?

This site is the official archive of the 1994 Zippy Pronoia Tour to US,
and is one result of fourteen British and American zippies' tour across America last summer.
Offered for your enjoyment is a sampling of tour-related braincandies, gathered by Pronoia Tour internet coordinator cubensis, beginning in London and ending in California.


"My perception of the Zippies changed permanently [upon meeting them]-- as I was led to believe them to be a media-hyped "money grabbing" group. I find them to be very generous, and exactly the opposite, with very little money available, they are able to do this tour in a grand fashion, yet use very little resources, primarily getting money from donations and doing their gigs along the way, yet charging very little for their shows." ~Cap'n Crunch

PICTURED: Angus doin' woody did!

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except original slides © 1995 Marla Aufmuth
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